Saturday, 5 May 2012

Craft Fair, Abbotskerswell, Devon

Hello Everyone

I'm supposed to be cleaning out the inside of the car but it's raining!  So, thought I would use my time productively and talk to you guys instead!  Far more enjoyable!

As will be the norm from now on, I will start first by thanking you all for your comments on my previous post, Cirlcle of Love Handcrafted Giveaway.  I will enter those of you who have 'liked' and 'tweeted' and left a message on my blog- you have remembered to leave a message telling me what you've done haven't you?  You need to do that in order for me to enter you into the competition.   Don't fret! If this is the first time you have heard of it and haven't done it yet there's still time, just click on the link and you will be able to find out what it is all about.  Now, not 4 but 5 lovely prizes to win!

As I expect  many of us are this week, I am doing a small craft fair on Bank Holiday Monday, so I thought I would show you a few of the items I have recently made to sell.

Here is a pretty Tea Light holder I made.  I think I have made about 8 or 10 of these!

This is something a little different.  Wooden bunting with pegs on the reverse to hang notes/pictures/cards etc.  My husband cuts out the wooden shape for me and makes a simple peg to glue on the back, I paint them in whatever way I fancy and string them together using cord I have twisted to get matching colours.  I have sold a few of these now and they get lots of lovely comments but this is the first time I have packaged them up as I found they were so time consuming to display hung up and kept getting tangled etc.

Here is yet some more bunting, this time it's mini fabric bunting.  Each flag is only about 2.5cm.

Here they are all packaged up!

I have a few more bits and pieces stashed away and am having a table next to my SIL Lime Green Lizzie and she has loads and loads of things!!!  Our main aim this time is to gather names of people who may be interested in doing workshops with us.  We have now found a venue and are just
deciding what workshops we should offer!  It's exciting times, so watch this space! Liz is into textiles and me the crochet.  Got any ideas on what workshops should be! Should materials be included or should you bring your own according to a materials list?  What do you like about a workshop, what do you dislike?  Do you prefer all day workshops or half day?  Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

I was very lucky this week and received my prize from Butterfly Blossom.  She created a very pretty string of bunting for me to use above my stall.  I shall take a photo on Monday so you can all see how lovely it was.

Oh and of course Chester will be coming with me too!!  And I may even take Taffy!

Why not have a look over on Handmade Monday at what other people have been up to this week.  I'm popping over now, see you there!

Happy Bank Holiday!
Bye for now


  1. Looking forward to the Craft Fair on Monday Alison, love your mini bunting. As you know i said i would never do bunting but never saay never as you know, i have done some .... Baby Bunting, just could not resist once the name came into my head. I also love your mini tealight holders, very pretty. Looking forward to seeing Chester and Taffy on Monday but more so the look on peoples faces, loving it, loving it, loving it love Liz, AKA limegreenlizzie x

  2. Oooh, your packaging looks very professional, I hope you do well. I love the bunting with the pegs idea. I wish I lived nearer so I could come along for a mooch. :) x

  3. The packaged items all look gorgeous - tempting and professional. The workshops idea sounds exciting. Have you done a beginners' crochet one yet? If you do a few of those, you may get people wanting to come back for the next level. I know I would love to learn to crochet. Good luck with the fair x

  4. Good luck with your Monday fair and hope you do well, what is the weather going to be like? down here wall to wall rain. The mini bunting looks great

  5. I really love the crocheted tea light holder and the bunting look brilliant in its packing.

  6. I love the tea light holder - that's just the sort of thing I like. The bunting looks great too - really looks good in the packaging you have. Good luck with the stall Mich x

  7. Love your tea light holder. Just my cup of tea. (oops sorry couldn't resist that). Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. Tying the rings on with ribbon on my ring pillow didn't really help the VicAr who untied them put them on her order of service and theN promptly dropped them onto the floor. they were found 5 mins later under the hem of her gown!!!

  8. I hope you do well at the fair. Personally I would like a workshop to have everything for me. I've attended a painting on fabric workshop and half day was just right for that. Have a great week.

  9. I love the wooden bunting, it would look charming on a bookshelf :)

  10. Good luck today - hope you sell loads and loads of goodies. Would be lovely to see some pics of Chester and Taffy helping out. I do like our wooden bunting, a great idea and very different. Like the tea-light holder too - a nice new idea. Hope you have a good week.

  11. that t light holder is so cute!!! it looks really cosy and welcoming :)

    Your bunting does look super professional in its packaging - i love the idea of the wooden bunting - so sweet too that its a combined effort with your hubby! x

    good luck today - hope you're not too soggy!

  12. I love the tea light holder - very imaginative! Your packaging looks very professional. I hope you had a successful craft fair :)

  13. Thank you for the mention - I'm so glad you like it! Hope your stall went well today xx

  14. The bunting looks great :)
    I haven't attended a workshop before... Not many round here... But i personally would be prepared to pay a little extra if materials were provided... Or you could offer both? Good luck!

  15. Hope the fair went well - and that you were indoors! All your things look lovely and beautifully presented, I think that makes all the difference. Have a good week-end.
    Jo x


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