Friday, 16 March 2012

Bit of Everything

Happy Friday all of you!

Aren't the weeks just flying by!  We're half way through March already!
It's been a bit of a bitty week this week.  Firstly my apologies for the lack of replies to my Handmade Monday blog post I shared with you.  My computer died on me last weekend so until I was able to have a new one delivered I had to share my OH's.  This meant I couldn't use it for long periods of time as he needed it for work so hence, no 'puter, no replies!  But you will be glad to know (well, at least I hope you will be!) I am up and running again now with a new computer.

After the success of the Knitted Wire Brooch workshop (previous post titled 'A Fantastic Workshop') I have been busy concentrating on the next couple, mainly the Extreme Crochet at the end of April.  I know it's a long way off yet but I have so much yarn to get ready and it takes me ages to unravel it all from the big chains it comes in.

It's hung over doors, the table and even the floor.  Our lounge looks like a woollen mill again just like it did when I was making Chester!

I have decided to separate it into colours but students can pick out the amount of strands to use.  Up to about 20 for the largest hook like this one.

Doh! It's turned the picture around - looks like it's upside down - but you get the idea of size!

I need to come up with some simple patterns for items to make in the one day extreme crochet workshop.  Just out of interest if you chose to come along, what sort of item would you like to make?
It needs to be achievable in about 3 or 4 hours.  Don't forget you would be using the large hook and multiple strands of yarn.  I thought along the lines of a basket, or a large decorative flower for a conservstory wall maybe, or perhaps a small rug. 
 Has anyone got any other ideas?

I will actually be going up to the weavers again soon to collect another car load, just to make sure I have enough!  So I really need to crack on with sorting this lot first.

We are going to an 80th birthday celebration tomorrow, my husband's Auntie.  She was 80 on Boxing Day but they decided to have the celebration now so it didn't get mixed up with Christmas.  We need a little gift to take along so I thought one of the wire brooches would be nice, but that means making another one - I want to be crocheting not knitting!

 I've got as far as starting the centre (pearls on the needle) so thought I'd let you know what I've been up to this week and then I would go back to it later.  I thought the gold and silver wire with the ivory coloured pearls would be idea.  She can wear it on whatever colour outfit she choses then.

So apart from trying to find some time over the next day or two to do a mountain of washing that has built up, a supermarket shop which is long over due and housework that just seems to glare at me all the time, I can sit down and put my feet up!  I wish!

Happy Friday Folks
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Granny Square seat pads would be great for garden furniture, or those 'kneelers' you have for gardening to save your knees a little...I love the idea of extreme crochet and am thinking of moving house so I can attend your workshops and babysit for Chester. I am sure I will have other ideas for extreme crochet but they will come to me at around 4am!

  2. You are sooo quick to reply, you put me to shame! You obviously don't stray too far from your computer! Lol! I like your ideas, I may well try a chunky granny square, see how it turns out, Like you say, great for the garden especially as warmer days are on the horizon (hopefully!)

  3. Hi Alison, having real probs submitting this. When are you doing the workshop i would love to make a crochet cushion with a flower on it, loving the blog, love Liz x

  4. Don't know why that should be Liz. If anyone else reads this and has problems could you let me know in case there is a problem with my blog. I'll email details to you Liz.
    Thanks for perservering!

  5. Perhaps the Happy Hookers should reform to practice the extreme flower cushion,it sound like great fun.I loved the comments from inthesky,all the best ideas come at night.I hope you all enjoy the party,we are off to Wootton Basset for the weekend.x

  6. This is Rob, Alisons husband, just carrying out a test to see if the comments function is working OK as several people have experienced problems posting. Thank you.

  7. This is Rob, Alisons husband, just carrying out another test to see if the comments function is working OK as several people have experienced problems posting. Thank you.

  8. This is Rob, Alisons husband, just carrying out test No.3 to see if the comments function is working OK as several people have experienced problems posting. Thank you.

  9. Extreme crochet sounds like fun! A flower which could be a table decoration or a wall hanging would be fun to do. Wish I was closer! Mich :)


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