Monday, 6 February 2012

A busy weekend in Devon!

Hello again!
Where do I start.  At the beginning may be a good idea!  Had a brilliant weekend with our friends Ally and Martin.  Bit of crafting for Ally and me, a rather wet walk with Taffy, an evening of food and drinks to include some more friends, a lovely Sunday roast and a bit of extreme crochet to end it all.  What a fantastic weekend!
This is how it started.  Ally and I getting a bit sticky!
We were attempting to make string hearts.  So far so good, but unfortunately we ran out of glue!  We used sooo .... much but really we needed to wrap even more string around as when we popped the balloons, although the string was quite rigid, it needed more to keep it's shape.
This is what it looks like when the balloons are popped, but it wasn't stiff enough to glue together and hang.  I just put it into place for the photo.  Sorry about photo.  I couldn't get it to rotate as it was the correct way up in the file but for some unknown reason Google blogger entered it sideways?!?  So, not the most successful crafting attempt, but rather good fun trying.
Here we all are on our walk.  As you can see it was a bit damp!  We've stopped for a cup of hot tea and a hot cross bun!  The walk started from a little village called Kingston and that is the Erme estuary you can see in the background.  Would have been beautiful if it had been sunny!
Taffy came along with us.  You can see what he got up to in another post "Taffy's walk". 
Ally and Martin - 'on the edge'!
A wonderful walk with stunning views.  Here you can see Bigbury and Burgh Island  (top right).
Poor Rob carried the picnic all the way round but because of the weather we had to have it back in the car.  We drove to Bigbury and ate it in the car park overlooking Burgh Island!!!

That evening, more friends arrived to share a meal and drinks.  A lovely evening enjoyed by all but no pickies I'm afraid!

And the next day after a scrummy roast, Martin was sent packing so he didn't get stuck in the snow on his way back to Eastbourne and Ally and I were free to start crocheting!

Now, I can't actually take any credit for this rather funky basket.  It was all Ally's work!  She was the guinea pig for a practice run of the Extreme Crochet Workshop I am doing at
We were really pleased with the way it turned out.
We used the hooks Rob made in my previous blog titled 'How to Get on Google with Extreme Crochet' and 20 strands of yarn at a time!  This is the first of many patterns I will be trialling before the workshop at the end of April.  But I think you will agree, it was a fantastic achievement especially as Ally would probably be the first to say, she is more of a knitter than a crocheter, but she said she really enjoyed working on such a large scale.

We had a wonderful weekend.  I took Ally to the station to catch the train this morning and then came back to write my post.  Hope you liked it.  My tummy is beginning to say it's lunchtime so will put a quick post up about Taffy's Walk after lunch.  See you all soon xx


  1. Love the bowl/basket extreme crochet thingy, very cool.

  2. Inthesky - it is rather lovely isn't it. Ally was very pleased with the result. It's very touchy, feely and standing in it in sock feet is lovely! Not that you would want to do that very often!!


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